Over two decades ago, I ate food for the first time. It was magical. I was filled with questions. How could I get more? Where did this stuff come from? Why did I have to wait so damn long to get more? As I got older, these questions were answered and I had new questions: Why would I ever eat a hot dog after knowing what’s in it? How do I buy humanely produced meat? Does everyone have food? As a single, working mother, food is as big a concern as it always was. Obtaining, making and storing food in a well-put-together-home, all on the cheap, is another one. Especially after I had traveled a bit and seen some of the world’s hungry. I’ve lived above, below and in the poverty line and always, always the most important thing is food very closely followed by laughter. Yes, it is fun to eat cheese, but it is infinitely more fun to eat cheese and laugh at the same time. In an effort to combine all of life’s necessities (health, fitness, cleanliness, improvement, fandom, laughter and caffeine) I have created this blog. Come in, settle down, and drink a cuppa with me while I find the most efficient (e.g., laziest) way to do things, do them right and fight my natural urge to write exclusively in run-on sentences. It’ll be a gas!


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