Officially at a Healthy Weight

So I logged in my weight to webmd’s Fitness Planner (side note: it seems like everyone loves, which is really great, but webmd is a lot better at guestimating calories burned through exercise. I am sure I’m doing it wrong, but My Fitness Planner only shows calories burned for cardio and I can’t get it to enter in anything I do with weights. I can, but it doesn’t show calories burned. Also webmd’s Fitness Planner shows how much of what you ate that day was carbs, fat and protein by percentage points instead of grams and that just helps me visualize better. Wow, this side note kind of became the point of this blog).

ANYWAY. I am officially out of the over weight range. I was fifty pounds overweight after I had the baby and I dropped fifteen pounds once I had her. I teetered between 215 and 210 for almost a year. If I can be brutally honest: If you are working full time and you are a single breastfeeding mother, things are not going to go well in the weight loss department. One of those things has to change. And breastfeeding is what changed for me. It still took me a while to find a good weight loss regimen, one that I can not only stick to, but also cheat on with impunity. And I guess I’ve done that!

Now, this determination of “healthiness” is determined on weight and not body fat percentage, but since it’s taken me two years to lose forty pounds, I think it’s safe to say I wasn’t starving myself to lose weight.

I’m very proud of myself this morning and thought I would share!

Cheering Minions


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