Buongiorno Principessa

Captain’s Log, Stardate 11000.1, I am starting a new blog and it’s going to be so, so cool. Welcome. You made it. I’m glad, because the internet is pretty big and confusing, and it’s nice to know someone out there can still follow a map.

This is my very first post. You can think of it as preparation for all the awesome that’s about to come your way. I have compiled here a “The Bored and Le Dumb” survival guide. Below is a list of all the things you’ll need to pack (you’re going on a trip – a GOOD trip) and things you’ll need to check at the door.

Things You’ll Need to Check at the Door:

1) Immaturity

I’m all for open inquiry and discussion, so comments and questions are encouraged. However, this blog is intended for a mature audience (and I don’t mean an X-Rated audience, I mean a no bros, no booger-eating audience). I will be discussing issues some people find intimidating and this fear of the unknown causes the less mature to act quite irrationally and/or rudely. So…haters to the left.

2) Pet Spiders

We don’t want that here.

3) Harry Potter Hatred

I love Harry Potter. Harry Potter is life. I WILL be making A LOT of Harry Potter references. Nerdy references of all kinds, actually, but the ole HP will be making regular appearances.

Things to Take With You

1) The Harry Potter Books

Did you think I was going to make it another second without a Harry Potter reference? You were wrong. But seriously, bring your box set, because there will be a quiz.

2) Pets & Kids

There’s a serious lack of adorable on the evening news, but the evening news is for your parents. Videos of cats iz for us! And I will be sharing clips and gifs of cats, dogs and kids of all shapes and sizes.

3) Your Bad Self

On this blog, you do you. Comment, ask questions, post a gif, a picture, a link. Yes, I started a blog because I like to talk about myself, but my real goal here is to shout out at the internet and see who responds. I want to find my people.

So please, look around!

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